For when you have challenges that require expert advice.


For when you need an independent third party to look things over.


For when you have a specific topic you want to engage in.

For when you’re looking to improve yourself or your employees.

About me

There will be no easy answers. This I promise.

I started Prosilience because I believe my customers deserve better.

I work hard to stay on top of my field, using insights from behavorial economics, organisational and neuropsychology, lean, agile and many other empirical sources to offer you the very best advice and guidance possible.

This will not be easy to implement, and it will sometimes not be what you want to hear. But if you’re willing to put in the work and skip the politics, then I will help you achieve great things.


I firmly believe the purpose of a consultant is to empower an organisation to take care of itself.
The goal of my consulting services is to get you on your feet quickly and enable you to improve on your own. Because of this, I endeavor to keep my engagements extremely focused.
I offer consulting on the following topics:


Using the latest insights from behavioral economics, nudge theory and many other sources, I can help you create an environment designed for effective value delivery.


Whether it’s a new product you’re considering developing, an ongoing product needing revitalization or even a graceful sunset, I can offer strategies and tactics to ensure control and success.


Organisations can look at many things to determine if they’re successful. But not all of those things offer true insight. I can help you determine those things worth measuring and implement them.


Organize around delivering value to customers, reduce waste and constantly improve. This is what it means to be lean. Agility is the ability to use the insights from value delivery to adapt what you do and how you do it to an every changing environment.

Research & Auditing

Before you decide where you want to go next, make sure you know where you are. Many transformative efforts have been surface level changes to solve surface level issues. For many more, it’s unknown what they ultimately achieve, if anything. Your organisation is more important than that. Given one month, I will create transparency for you on the effectiveness of your product delivery or transformation. 

Before you start transforming

Let me help you identify where to start and what to expect. More importantly, you will know what to look for and measure so you remain in control.

When you’ve already started

Once things start, it’s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture. When that happens, it’s good to get a second opinion from an independent third party. By providing these, I’ve enabled organisations to steer towards more valuable outcomes. 

A thorough healthcheck

As an outsider, I can provide an objective view on your product delivery organisation. You will know what is going well, what can be improved and what needs attention before it becomes an issue.

What happened?

Sometimes, the worst happens and projects, products or even whole transformations fail. I can help you determine what happened and how to increase your chances of success next time.


Through a combination of observation, interviews and documentation and systems research I can provide a qualitative view on the state of your value delivery organisation and it’s challenges.

I will assess your organisational structure, technical infrastructure, knowledge and experience of staff, and success measures. As a result, you will receive immediately actionable advice you can implement on your own.


Using a variety of tools and techniques I can create an interactive and educational experience suited to you and your people’s needs.


Sometimes you need to really dive deep into a subject, for learning or decision making. Like choosing a Scaling approach, or developing a Product strategy require care and attention. In cooperation with you I will develop a fit for purpose event to tackle these issues, bringing in my knowledge and experience as well as facilitating the event.


Sometimes you want someone from the outside to help you run your leadership offsite, or Scrum team’s retrospective. An independent party not involved in the content, but just there to make sure the process runs smoothly and productively. I would be honored and happy to help. 


I have the honor of serving as Course Steward for Applying Professional Scrum.
As such, I co-develop and co-maintain this course for and the worldwide PST community.
As a Professional Scrum Trainer for I’m proud to be able to offer the following classes:

Professional Scrum

For Scrum Masters and those seeking to understand the why of Scrum

Professional Scrum
Master II

For Scrum Masters with some experience seeking to take the next step in techniques and soft skills

Professional Scrum
Product Owner

For those seeking to understand the role of Product Owner in Scrum and Agile Product Management

Professional Scrum
Product Owner – Advanced

For experienced Product Owners seeking further refinement in their stances and techniques

Professional Scrum
with Kanban

For Scrum Teams seeking a more flow and data-driven approach to their Sprints using Kanban

Professional Scrum
with UX

For Scrum Teams and UX’ers seeking to cooperate to develop more customer focus and value 

Professional Agile Leadership – Essentials

For Leaders involved with Scrum Teams seeking means to educate, enable and inspire

Professional Scrum

For those seeking to learn Scrum through experiencing its different elements in practice

I am also a Professional Kanban Trainer for
Please reach out if you are interested in a private Applying Professional Kanban class.
This includes the exam for the Professional Kanban 1 certificate.